Elke's story

Hello hoomans! My name is Elke.

I live in the beautiful Kiewa Valley with my brother Jax and our adoptive parents. I had only been living with my new family for a few weeks when I had a bit of an ouchy accident. I had fallen asleep in the cabin of my grandmas cargo bike, and when I woke up the bike was MOVING and I was so scared I leapt out. But I caught my front paw in the wheel and my little ankle hurt so much. I spent the next few days sleeping lots and being carried out to go wees, because I really couldn't put much weight on my foot at all. The vet hooman said there was no break and that I needed to rest. So rest I did. A couple of weeks later I could run again!! But when I got up from my post run snooze, my ankle was really sore and I was walking funny again. This was the pattern for the next six months... I would be fine, then go for some crazy zoomies at the park and then be so sore again! It mad me very sad, and it made mummy and daddy very sad too. We went back to the vet a lot but they always said the same thing - rest. Finally mummy cracked it! She demanded x-rays and answers because she wanted me to be able to run and play without being sad the next day. X-rays showed there was definite ligament damage, and the vet said there wasn't really anything they could do, except for putting a metal plate into my leg which would make it all stiff but hopefully not hurt anymore .... nobody liked the sound of that! So Mummy & Daddy took me to see a nice lady that called herself a canine physiotherapist, she taught my parents some exercises to do with me, and also to find something called green mussel powder & golden paste to help my ankle feel better again.

My parents were very diligent with the exercises, and giving me the tasty mussel & golden paste. I really loved the fishy taste, and I thought I looked quite cute with the temporary golden glow from the turmeric paste on my muzzle! Nearly two years later, my brother Jax and I are still enjoying the daily deliciousness of green mussel and turmeric, and I haven’t had a lame episode since. Jax (he’s a couple of years older than me) is also benefitting from it – I tell you he runs & jumps around like an absolute crazy pupper at the park, so we need to make sure all his joints are in good nick for years to come!

As you can see from the below photo, my ability to out-jump my bro is still on point!