Our story


Grab your leads, poo bags and of course your dogs, and come with us on a journey.  A journey that escapes the monotony of everyday life, and the clichés that surround it.   


We don’t pretend to be who we are not. We won’t bore you with the cringey, eye-rolling, repetitive, robotic business blurb that encompasses much of the small pet supply industry. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  We do things different and we make no apologies for that. You might be offended, shocked, amazed, or inspired by how we go about it.  Don’t let the doggy door hit you on the way out.


What we are is a small crew that encompasses all that makes us happy.  Dogs make us happy.  Evidently, our purpose is to contribute to the happiness of dogs and their owners.  Simple, right? But how?  Through producing important, meaningful and practical dog products that will compliment the best relationship you’ll ever have – the one with your dog.  


No, we won’t be trying to flog you a cutesy dog tee-pee that’s worth more than a house deposit.  But if that’s what connects you to you best mate, then all the power to ya.   


Starting small.  Dreaming big.  So, stay with us for a while, we’re just kicking into gear…